Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stay connected with friends using Professional Social Networking Software

iSocial is a powerful social networking script that has been made by Chennai based web development company Ahsan Info way. It is packed with unique features and it has everything that would be needed on any kind of social networking site. This script can be used by any webmaster looking to build a site under any niche or genre, as it caters to all needs and is fairly flexible.

As a November offer, the company has offered Isocial Enterprise, the script with the entire package of features for a flat price of $500. This is available only to those who have contacted the company in the recent past inquiring about the script. The offer is valid only till the November 15, so customers hurry up!

A quick sum up of its features:

Shindig and Applications:

With this feature, anybody can develop an application on the isocial website, using Shindig and Open Social. The idea works on similar lines as those of face book applications. There are a large number of developers out there who just need a platform to showcase their skills. This feature would be perfect for them as well for others who want to give developing a try. It is bound to attract a large number of users.

Members Chat:

iSocial comes with a built in chat system that allows your members to see which of their friends are on line and chat with them in little windows that pop up on your site. This feature has proved effective for keeping members on line for longer, and hence using your site longer. It’s all about connecting on the Internet these days, no matter which part of the world you are In.

Classified ads:

This feature gives users the opportunity to put up ads for objects that they don’t want. Somebody’s waste can be someone else’s treasure. Since social networking sites are a common place for tons of people to connect, it works as an effective platform for advertising.


This is where members get to write about things that they feel for, or absolutely anything else. It could also work as a stress releases as users can utilize them to vent out pent up emotions. Their friends can then read their notes and comment on them.

For demo please check http://demo.agriya.com/isocial/

User name: webmaster

Password: webmaster

For any further queries, Agriya Info way can be contacted on live chat - http://support.agriya.com/

Or through email: isocial@agriya.in

For support services, you can leave them a ticket at - http://support.agriya.com/


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